The Caloura Cultural Center is located in Canada do Castelo, in the village of Caloura, on the island of São Miguel. It is situated within land that is subdivided by traditional stone walls that served to protect vineyards in bygone days.

It was conceived to exhibit a private collection of Art, so that the works that comprise this collection might carry out the communicative vocation that is inherent to all works of art.

With a covered area measuring 220 sq. meters that is surrounded by verdant areas, it can be used for various purposes, including a variety of exhibits, presentations, colloquium, performances, workshops, etc.

The permanent collection will be altered, as the opportunity arises, to exhibit either different works belonging to the collection or, occasionally, works from the outside. The Center contains reference material about the artists on exhibit, and others, as well as cultural and artistic information in different forms.

In terms of photography, it presents, among others, a set of diagrams obtained at the beginning of the 20th century.

There is an area for the sale of books and audio material, an Internet access area and a tea house service.

This Center is part of the effort to decentralize cultural events, which are usually based in urban centers; as such, it warranted the support of the Lagoa City Hall and of the Association for Rural Development and Promotion.